J. Max Bond Centures城市期货


2011年,纽约市学院的受托人委员会批准了一个新的中心,该中心位于Spitzer建筑学院,以杰出的建筑师J.Max Bond,Jr.(1935-2009)。(1935-2009)。

Bond was born in 1935 in Louisville, Kentucky to educators Ruth Clement Bond and J. Max Bond, Sr. Max’s interest in architecture developed early as he spent time admiring the campus of Tuskegee Institute, where his father was the academic Dean, and through time spent abroad during his father’s posts in Haiti, Afghanistan, Tunisia and Liberia.

Max’s career in architecture formally began with his enrollment at Harvard University at the age of 15. Despite threats and discouragement from his educators to abandon his pursuits because of the color of his skin, Max completed his education in three years, graduating magna cum laude/Phi Beta Kappa, and enrolled in the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

After completing a Fulbright fellowship and his early apprenticeships in New York in the early 1960’s, (a time when social and political contests where gaining momentum in the US), Max relocated to Ghana, Africa and created some of his first landmark works of architecture, most notable was the regional library in Bolgatanga, believed to be his favorite design. During his time in African, Max both developed his theory on sustainable development and his belief that architecture should strive to embody humanistic values.

在返回美国后,最大债券将继续建立一个独特而庆典的职业生涯。亮点包括建筑师续订委员会举行的哈莱姆(拱门);邦德莱德邦德和唐纳德莱德的联合创始人;哥伦比亚大学建筑与规划研究生院;纽约建筑与环境研究学院院长院长;和城市规划专员纽约市。他的一些主要项目包括Martin Luther King中心的非暴力社会变革设计;黑色文化研究中心研究中心;纽约市哈佛大俱乐部的补充;哈林儿童区总部; and the 911 Memorial at Ground Zero. Max was also extremely excited about the firm’s award to design the National Museum of African American History and Culture on the National Mall in New York.